Retro 1951 Tornado Rollerball

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Cap less retractable roller ball ink pen
Stainless steel barrel with high gloss metallic lacquer; trademarked knurled twist top; chrome accents
Packaged in a sturdy graphic tube that doubles as a pen stand
Can be converted to a ballpoint with Easy Flow 9000 (REF71) or Parker style refill
5-Inch in length and 0.35-Inch in diameter at the grip section; 1 year limited warranty


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My favorite writing untensil. Has a very good weight to it (enough to wake someone up with a little touch to the head). Could write some time before fatigue sets in and the ink doesn't smear. I went stainless steel, and the back-up pen is black, which receives lots of compliments and attempted thefts.
Brushed Titanium
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