Victorinox Classic SD

From Victorinox
Contains six stainless-steel tools Tools include knife blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, and tweezers Includes key ring Measures just 2-1/4 inches long


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The name says it all. Classic. Great for a keychain. Tweezers are great. Knife is as good as a tiny knife is going to be. Lightweght and well made, it will last you forever. Though I rarely carry it (due to carrying a bigger and therefore more capable edc multitool....leatherman wave). Nonetheless, this is good and classy in a small lightweight package.
I've been carrying these for years, for good reason. It's inconspicuous, not intimidating in public, and is versatile. Small blade, nice scissors, easy to carry.
A classic. The Silver Alox looks great and the small size is hardly noticeable in your pocket but is extremely useful.
One of the most useful items I have ever owned. I have carried one of these for 20 + years. Keeps a good edge and has been used literally every day. I have this in black too!
Sharp, easy to carry and conceal, and very handy.
Very sharp blade! Extremely tiny wonder tool with excellent tools that all work as intended! Just be careful with that non-locking blade as it is very sharp!
Great addition to a regular knife as it comes packed with scissors, a pair of tweezers, a toothpick (essential), a file/screwdriver, and a small knife blade.
Best multitool I have ever had. Compact, small, very useful and that knife is damn sharp!
Small, convenient and entirely non threatening. Useful for most things you need a small knife for.
Handy as a back up for little tasks
Case came off several years ago. Tools still sharp and functioning.
With custom wooden sidings
A true classic
This one is great for keychain. Blade is sharp, tweezers are great and I was really surprised how many times I used scissors. Great small EDC keychain multitool. I recommend it!
A helpful tool when out and about, has the necessary items to help in almost all scenarios.
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