Spyderco Yojimbo2

From Spyderco
Ambidextrous tip-up/tip-down clip.
Compression Lock. Nested stainless steel liners.
Black G-10 Handle
Designed by noted personal-defense trainer Michael Janich, the Yojimbo2 is an evolved expression of his original Spyderco Yojimbo design, which pioneered the application of the Wharncliffe blade in tactical folders. The refined ergonomics of the Yojimbo2 complement the natural contours of the hand, ensuring maximum surface contact and positive control. They also encourage a thumb-forward grip and make the 3-1/4-inch CPM-S30V blade a natural extension of the hand. The PlainEdge straight cutting edge of the hollow-ground blade offers extreme cutting performance by transferring power all the way to the tip and ensures improved point strength. Nested stainless steel liners provide structural strength and form the backbone of the knife’s high-strength compression lock mechanism. Textured G-10 scales and a four-position clip guarantee a non-slip grip and rapid deployment from all carry positions.


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Cheap knock off version I was given as a gift. I need to pick up the genuine version as I like this one a lot!
I'm a fan of SpyderCo knives, but the one flaw in many of their models is the plastic materials used on their handles. Under weight, pressure, or stress, that plastic is the first to crush or split.
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