Ontario RAT 2

The handle features textured black nylon 6 scales with an open-built steel linerlock frame This knife is designed for comfort and performance Ambidextrous with dual thumb studs and a 4-way reversible pocket clip


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Came razor sharp, a little small to hold.
RAT 2 black coated
I didn't like the paint on this knife so I removed it with a razor blade.
Affordable EDC knife
Simple and well rounder knife for everyday use
This is a Knifeworks exclusive Ontario Rat 2. The customer service from Knifeworks is excellent.
This one had a black coating on the blade..I took it off. This is my beater knife
Used the Rat to open the package of bacon..best reason to EDC a knife.
It was a black coated blade, I polished it as the coating was pretty much scratched off.
A great budget EDC pocket knife by Ontario Knife Co.
Love this knife, a little smaller in the hand than i would like, but super sharp and well made.
Got mine in OD green, Pretty impressed truth be told. The blade fits well in hand (I have a medium size hand). The thub stud positioning is great I normally hate thumb stud due to most of the time they are in the way, while I sharpen my knife (bench stone) but this one breaks the mold. Mine was a bit stiff out of the box but after a few tweaks and lubrication, now its fly out almost like an assited openning in short "finger flicking fun" you will be happy flicking the knife open all day.
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