J.L. Lawson The Minimalist II Bottle Opener Key Shackle

Keep your keys organized and in a straight line and not all jumbled up. The unscrewable pin allows you to remove and add keys with ease. Take out your car key for the valet without handing over the whole set. The real beauty of this key ring is the simple design that doubles as a bottle opening. The loop design also fits into you hand and finger for easy carrying and fits comfortably in your pocket. Each one is coated with metal oil and wax to prevent corrosion. It will hold up to five keys and can also hold more with a key ring. It's a clever and sophisticated way to carry your keys. These key shackles are made my a man based out of San Clemente California. His father learned the machining trade from his father and the knowledge was passed down. Now three generations, these key shackles are made by hand. Everything is made manually without using computers. Each piece is created with same amount of patience and care. They are not just an accessory but a piece that is worthy of passing down to your grandchildren. Dimensions: 1.5" x 1" x .375"


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Always got to have a trusty bandana.
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