Victorinox Spartan

From Victorinox

12 tools include: large/small knives, bottle/can openers, large/small screwdrivers, corkscrew

Stainless-steel tools; rust-proof aluminum alloy separators

Durable brass rivets and bushings hold knife layers together

Ideal for outdoor recreation, travelers; 3-1/2 inches long

Made in Switzerland since 1891; lifetime warranty


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The basic, the all around best!
One of my first knives. EDC'd for many years as a student. A really handy and useful SAK that fits comfortably in any pocket.
Excellent tool to carry as edc size and weight is perfect but is missing scissors
Mine was exposed to some heat, and the plastic has warped, but otherwise still in good nick. Great to have on the range to remove those failure to fire rounds... :(
Not too many tools and just the right size.
Never leaves my side. I've added a needle to the scales. It's amazing how many time a man needs a needle.
Cool look!!! Most usefull tool...
I added the small screwdriver and the pin. I also blurred my name out of this picture ;)
DIY scale to match with wallet, and a custom lanyard... Scales are a bit thicker for better handling.
trustee knives since 10 years ago
Spartan with rare(?) fully serrated large blade
Best mix of portability and usefulness
This one is a special edition from they are pretty good however scratch very easily.
I think scratxhes can be temoved with that headlight clear up stuff....
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