Coast HP1 flashlight

From Coast

220 lumen light output for 171 meter (560 ft) beam distance using Li-Ion battery (not included)

1 hour 15 minute runtime using Li-Ion battery (not included)

Patented focusing system provides superior beam quality; slide focus

Can use 1 AA alkaline, NiMH rechargeable and 14500 lithium batteries (batteries not included)

Impact and water resistant; lightweight aluminum casing resists rust and corrosion


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Love the focusing feature and it's a total steal at $8.
The Coast HP1 is about as good as a $10 flashlight can get. It has a forward momentary-on, single-mode clicky that can give off 90 lumens with a single AA battery. It also has a slide focus that can morph the beam from a very wide flood to a focused spotlight.
Perfect size for pocket carry and surprisingly bright for being so small.
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