UltraFire Cree Q5 Flashlight

From Meco

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Bottom line it's nothing fancy but it gets the job done and it's very affordable. Only takes a single AA battery, it's very small so it doesn't eat up a lot of pocket space, it's decently bright, adjustable beam, and you're only out a couple bucks if you lose it. You can buy bulk packs on amazon for cheap so they're very easy to replace.
Bright light for a small price.
The best flashlight I ever owned.
Pretty good little light for the money. Run on 14500 and it's a pocket light canon. Useful for most purposes.
Very inexpensive flashlight. It's definitely not a surefire, fenix, or streamlight but surprisingly durable. Bright enough for my needs (about 150 lumens)
With adjustable zoom
Great bright flashlight and good tactical weapon for less than lethal option.
My alternate carry little torch
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