Field Notes Kraft

Ruled Paper 48-page memo book 3 Books per pack - banded and shrink-wrapped Three great memo books worth fillin' up with good information Made in the USA


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To me the best note books around.
Great item for everyday use, these I used as aid memoirs for Uni and Work.
I wrapped blue duct tape around it to keep up with my theme
The original ofcourse! :)
Refill of the traveller's notebook.
I fill one of these up with notes every two weeks or so. It's an absolute necessity for journaling and note taking.
Getting Good use out of it. Sits in my Back Pocket.
Penny for your thoughts?
Graph paper, with post it notes and a bulldog clip. Post it notes, are for reminders.
Come on guys. If you've been on this site long enough, you know how great these are!
A Moleskine notebook is lying beneath the Field Notes one. I am currently figuring out which one I like more.
Wear and tear from outfield training
Have been using the graph paper version for a while now and I love it. The all-paper design may seem pretty vulnerable, but I have yet to either lose one or have it damaged beyond use. Assuming you keep it in your front pocket, likely the worst that will happen is just some slight bending. Also, the graph paper variety allows writing notes in either orientation.
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