Leatherman Rebar

From Leatherman

Strong, Larger Pliers

Sloped-Top Handle Design

Rolled Handle Edges With Side Cut Outs

Needle-Nose Pliers

Regular Pliers


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Strong and useful tool. Goes everywhere with me. All the tools are strong and wire cutters are perfect for electricians. Use this tool more than 5 yes a day!!
With molle Velcro pouch
Just purchased this and love it! ! I've everyday carried a Gerber diesel or leatherman wingman for around a year but this is the EDC MT FOR ME
Best leatherman for you if you feel nostalgic for their original tool designs. Comes complete with bad ass cutters.
Wonderful tool, minus the 3rd screwdriver and stranded wire cutters, this thing is just a shrunken ST300
It is the best Multitool I have ever had!!
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