Zippo Slim Brushed Chrome

From Zippo

Made in the USA

lifetime warranty from manufacturer

great for collectors and also to be used everyday

Get fired up with this genuine Zippo windproof lighter. The latest version in a series of Zippo lighters, these lighters come with the same reliable, patented technology and are made in the USA. These qualities make these lighters a great gift or collectors piece. All Zippo lighters feature a lifetime guarantee. Lighters are refillable with lighter fluid for years of service.


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Not quite as good as a standard zippo, but much smaller and lighter (see what I did there?). I carry it 2 or 3 days a week, and even though I don't smoke it comes in handy. I would not even consider leaving a populated area without topping off the fuel and I keep a couple extra flints in the wadding. This will last more than a lifetime.
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