NiteCore T-Series Tube

From Nitecore
High performance LED produces 45 lumen on high Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery provides a runtime of up to 48 hours Features two brightness levels and infinitely variable output mode Impact resistant to 1.5 meters Black Color version


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Very bright light for its size. I have one on my keychain and one attached to my EDC pouch. Although its plastic it looks and feels well-made. The on/off button has a nice solid click response. I'd recommend these.
so light and flat,its perfect for suit pants or slimfit jeans.
I use it for work during my night shift at the clinic.
Powerful, lightweight and durable. Has come in handy more than once in both urban and rural situations.
Excellent keychain light.
Nice but don't like the bulb out so far. The light gets in your eyes while you are shining it because it's bright out of the sides of the bulb as well.
4/5. Great keychain flashlight. Brighter than most in the price range and rechargeable to boot. I think I'll be using this one for awhile.
Awesome little flashlight. Clicky switch, and best of all it's rechargable from any micro usb. For 10 bucks it should last a couple years at least, and likely by then they'll have a better one for the same price. I carry it on my keychain on a detachable lanyard at all times. Its bright enough to handle any kind of close-up work or light any dark room enough to get around safely. No hot spot in the beam, it's a very diffuse beam pattern. Looks-wise I don't really care for it- it is just a bit "techy" or "tactical" for my taste. I would prefer something a little sleaker and preferably metal, but for the price, performance and features ( especially the rechargable feature and click on/off) it can't be beat.
Always ready, always rechargeable - whether in your car, using your laptop or a power back for your cell phone, you know you will be always able to get some light when you need it
This is my secondary flashlight.
Small and compact.
I recently got this off and am very impressed with it. Useful for lighting up the dark spaces behind hi-fi racks to connect gear together.
Adhered to the Keysmart with black Sugru.
Great keychain light that is re-chargeable
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