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Full-sized 17-tool multitool in peg package Includes 2 pliers, wire cutters, 2 knives, saw, scissors, 2 files, 2 drivers, bottle opener, 2 double-ended bits, and more 100 percent stainless steel construction Includes lanyard attachment and combination leather/nylon sheath Backed by a 25-year limited warranty


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Hands down the best tool I've ever owned. It's been in my pocket every day for 10 years. I am lost without it. Exceptionally well made. Blades are one-hand operable and all tools lock. It has never let me down, even under borderline abuse. IMO, only the leatherman charge series beats it, but at a considerably higher price for better blade steel (which, In retrospect given the use I get out of it, would be a bargain even at 5 times the cost). I literally choose clothing only on the condition that I can carry my leatherman comfortably in the pocket! Pliers are solid. Exchangable screwdriver bits are durable and work well. Scissors work great. I've fixed many eyeglasses with the the eyeglass tool. All tools deploy smoothly even after 10 years of punishment. Detachable pocket clip is great. Wire cutters have endured heavy use. Saw is sharp still, and the file, even the diamond side is in tact (I've sharpened everything from lawnmower blades to axes with it). I removed the integrated pop out lanyard attachment (that I don't use) which allowed me to put tweezers from a Leatherman Squirt in its place (beneath the file). Fits great, doesn't get in the way, never falls out.
One of the best multis made by Leatherman. Could only be improved by adding a fire tool.
What haven't I used this for......... It goes everywhere with me or in my vehicle. I really like the build quality and the feel of this multi tool.
Does the job, its a Leatherman.
Got this multi-tool for my birthday in '15. The best multi-tool I have ever owned. Read about it for months before deciding to buy and it was worth every penny. Has all the tools needed for the average joe. Not only a great multi-tool but Leatherman has a great no hassle warranty. The small screwdriver tip broke on mine and they sent out a replacement and spare with no trouble at all.
This is the third Wave I've owned. The other two were left in airports after I forgot to take them out of my carry on bag and would have missed the flight if I tried to take them back to check in.
The first two were very well made and had smooth actions. This one I bought in a supermall in Dubai and it feels a lot less well-made. Smaller items are hard to pull out and the larger tools feel less secure.
I really like the tool set and the grip feel on the wave, but I'm tempted to try the equivalent Swiss Army item after reading about their superior build quality.
Work horse
Too heavy for summer
Cannot overstate how useful it is to have all of the tools available that the Wave provides. There is a reason it is the most sought after Leatherman. Perfect combination of tools for getting through it.
Best multi tool ever!!!
For office, warehouse, garage... everything, everyday.
Old Version, Leather Sheath
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