Energizer Pen Light

From Energizer
Pen light is built around Nichia LED that's guaranteed for life, shining at 11 lumens for up to 27 meters
Durable, machined aluminum body stands up to whatever abuse you put it through
Compact enough to take with you anywhere -- in your pocket, purse, or pack -- via included clip
Simple push-button switch allows easy one-handed operation
Extended 16-hour run time on two AAA Energizer Max Alkaline batteries (included) and reduced battery consumption result in cost savings
Bright lifetime Nichia LED light.
Durable aluminum body stands up to falls and rough handling.
Fits in your pocket.
Push-button switch for one-handed operation.
Clips to pocket, tool bag or briefcase.


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Extremely durable, waterproof, rust resistant. Used for one year.
This was $5 at Walmart and I am very impressed.
Crazy bright for the price
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