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Outstanding EDC knife. Has amazing ergonomics with a good amount of real estate, also a decent quality steel. Definitely good value for money and worth a buy, especially if considering for a first EDC knife.
Spyderco's value folder, but a great knife none the less. Smooth operation, feels good in your hand
To be honest I don't really like the Tenacious. I think it's too bulky and the blade is too big or too short.
I am a big fan of Spyderco. This knife is rugged and well-built to handle life. The clip does not where off either which a lot of my other knives failed on. I prefer the combo serrated and straight edge.
Used it for three years now and its still kickin it.
I have many great knives folders. From okc to spyderco. I have to say that I carry the tenacious more than any other. 🤘
Blade is made of 8CR13MOV.
Good blade. Good price. Holds edge fairly well.
Inverted clip. Can't ever go back.
Mine has a 4 way clip. Doesn't yours
Mine has a 4 way clip. Doesn't yours
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My First Spyderco!
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