Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen

From Tombow

The ideal writing instrument for active people

Patented pressurized technology allows writing in unusual situations such as writing overhead, in dusty locations or on wet paper

One click pressurizes the refill for 492 feet of upside-down writing

Rubberized grip for a comfortable and safe hold even with wet hands or gloves

Durable metal clip for attaching to a bag, pocket or clipboard


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One of the greatest pens I ever owen, smooth writting instrument I do say so myself, a great easy open clip that locks close good to stay in place. Get you one!
Great pen, but a tad bulky (compared to the Fisher Space Pen that replaced it in my pocket). Still, writes great, super lightweight, refillable, and inconspicuous.
A great pocket carrying pen smooth writting instrument I love it.
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