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"The Curiously Strong Mints" Introduced in 1780, Altoids mints were originally marketed to relieve stomach discomfort. By the 1920s, the original cardboard box had been replaced by the more durable distinctive metal tins of today. The irreverent, quirky personality of Altoids mints has led Altoids to be a top-selling mint in the U.S. The Altoids brand has expanded to include sugar-free mints in miniature portable tins. For the latest content from Altoids and to order products we invite you to visit Altoids. com. Altoids and all affiliated designs are trademarks of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company or its affiliates Product Specifications Altoids SmallsCinnamonPack of 9 0.37-ounce Tins3.33 Total Ounces Altoids Wintergreen, Liquorice, Cinnamon and Ginger Are Altoids tins recyclable? The tins we use for ALTOIDS are made from tin plate, which is one of the most recyclable materials used in the manufacturing of packaged goods. The good news about these tins is that they also come in handy as small storage containers for things like nails, coins, paper clips, and buttons to name a few - the possibilities are endless. We've even learned that the tins have been used for more curious purposes - as hand-held works of art, even as an emergency wilderness stove. For over 100 years, Altoids were packaged in small rectangular cardboard cartons that were approximately the same size as today's recognizable tins. The tins were introduced in the 1920s to help protect the mints and to stay neatly closed in pockets and handbags.


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includes excedrin and daily vitamins
keep it filled with tic-tacs and small gum.
mints, aspirin, vitamins
A little boost of confidence for when you want to go ask out that cute stranger over there.
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