Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

From Bose

Industry leading noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between

Best-in-class sound with lifelike performance for the music you love

Lightweight around-ear fit you can wear all day long

Control your music and calls with inline mic/remote


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I have owned quite some headphones of all kinds, brands and shapes. This is hands down my favourite. For the sound quality and coverage it offers is just so comfortable to wear. The noise cancelling is pretty solid as well which is a bug bonus. The remote actually works really well with my apple devices.
Just need to get that all black pair now.
One of my favourites, really!
Noise cancelling headphones
I have a thing about headphones. I've always owned sennheisers before this, this is my first pair of bose. I travel a lot with work and the noise cancelling on these is just incredible, it gives you your own space away from any hustle and bustle. Not cheap, but for the audio quality, build quality and noise cancelling these get 9/10 (Nothing ever gets 10/10)
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