Grid-It Organizer (CPG4BK)

From Cocoon

Grid-It! organization system - a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization .

Ideal for pens, notepads, cellphones, chargers, wallets, and more.

Versatile organization.

Endless configurations.

Designed to hold items firmly in place.

Back of Grid-It! doubles as a mouse pad.

Configure Grid-It! your own way!.

Object Retention System For Gadget Organization

Ideal For Pens, Notepads, Cellphones, Charges, Wallets & More

Versatile Organization

Endless Configurations

Designed To Hold Items Firmly In Place


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This organizer is great to hold all my stuff that would normally be thrown in pocket in a bag. The rubberized elastic securely holds everything in place.
Love these for carrying smaller items in large bags, never need to rummage about for things they're just to hand.
Great organizer for carrying smaller items!
Look great! But i ordered an aluminum slim wallet,
Great little organizer that fits right into my bag. This is a really smart & inexpensive way to keep all of my smaller items together. I've got a few of these setup for different EDC needs. Excellent value!
Just an FYI, if you like the Maxpedition Neat Freak bag, this grid it system fits perfectly inside almost like it was made for it.
Gridit organizer contains power charger adapter, charging cords for both lightning and micro usb, IPhone headphones, and a bic lighter.
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