Prometheus Lights Beta-QRv2

  • High CRI LED

  • Push/pull quick release operation

  • 10lbs holding force


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Super small, easy to remove from the keychain but NEVER comes off unless you want it to. Bright light with 2 settings determined by twist or double twist. Love it.
Patina is coming along nicely
I've got three. One has the pocket clip which is perfect in a suit jacket or sport coat. Two have the traditional WD release . I hang it on the inside top of my TAD black packs so I can easily check th contents. Also keep one tethered in my Tom Bhin Cafe Bag.

The company owner is responsive to questions and just super to deal with . Also recommend any of his other products.
That's QD not WD. 😉
love the natural color light choice! power in a small package. cons: bad with alkaline batteries, newer quick release come off easier less than 10lbs pull IMO, turns on in pocket from every once in a while.
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