Rick Hinderer Knives Investigator Pen

The Investigator pen is no ordinary pen; It was born from the need to have a quality pen and a durable self defense tool in one The original reduced size Tactical Pen, small on size, huge on features Precision machined in USA, Designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology


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Finally find it, the cat self-defense keychain -- a mini one, concealed Carry Weapons only 3 buck!!!
The is my only true EDC (upgraded to the blue fine point space pen refill), I own the copper version and can't imagine my day without it.
The most compact and awesome pen on the market. Also the battlefield pickup finish makes this thing basically impervious to wear and tear as far as aesthetics go
Holds a Fisher Space Pen refill. Durable and lightweight, it disappears in your pocket.
Small, heavy pen. Great for traveling and has a glass punch.
One in brass and one in copper (Steel Flame Crusader Edition ).
Hinderer Investigator Pen in brass.
Black DLC aluminum
Changed to a bount cap for travel.
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