Rick Hinderer Knives Investigator Pen

The Investigator pen is no ordinary pen; It was born from the need to have a quality pen and a durable self defense tool in one The original reduced size Tactical Pen, small on size, huge on features Precision machined in USA, Designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology


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Finally find it, the cat self-defense keychain -- a mini one, concealed Carry Weapons only 3 buck!!!
The is my only true EDC (upgraded to the blue fine point space pen refill), I own the copper version and can't imagine my day without it.
Holds a Fisher Space Pen refill. Durable and lightweight, it disappears in your pocket.
Small, heavy pen. Great for traveling and has a glass punch.
One in brass and one in copper (Steel Flame Crusader Edition ).
Hinderer Investigator Pen in brass.
Black DLC aluminum
Changed to a bount cap for travel.
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