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Amazingly great knife. Unbelievably light.
I just received this knife today! This blade amazes me. Perfect G10 scaling, with a strong, sturdy lockup, and a comfortable grip. The blade is extremely sharp. I was slicing receipt paper right out of the box! This is my first USA made knife, and I don't think I'll ever go back!
Kershaw Skyline Blackwash

Love this knife. Prefer tip-up carry.
Being non-assisted allows it to be carried nearly anywhere in MD. Baltimore and Ocean City outlaw spring-assisted knives.
The Skyline is a fantastic knife. I have carried it exclusively for over 3 years and has never let me down.
Real carbon fiber S30v...can't go wrong
Love the blackwash texture. Great G10 handle, perfect weight for EDC. Great look and great performance. Overall it suit with the daily task and situation.
Classic EDC goodness in blackwash.
Custom walnut scales
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