Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Knife Standard Issue

From Victorinox
New design - the first since 1961 Ergonomic, dual density handle Production year etched on blade shank 12 tools include: One-hand serrated locking blade, Phillips screwdriver, can/bottle openers, reamer, wire stripper, wood saw Precision crafted in Switzerland; lifetime warranty Compact Swiss Army pocketknife for campers, hunters, and all-around users Includes serrated locking blade and small and large screwdrivers Phillips screwdriver, small screwdriver, and large locking screwdriver Enclosed in stylish olive green housing made to exacting Victorinox standards Measures 4-3/8 inches long; lifetime warranty


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Great for so many Reasons!
Standart knife of the Swiss Armed Forces
Great pocket knife, great one hand access to the blade, and a few useful tools (And sentimental value because bought it from my first trip to Switzerland).
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