Morgan silver dollar

Guaranteed 100% authentic US Silver Dollar.
Dates and Mint Marks are our choice and may vary.
We have 1000's of coins in stock and ready to be shipped.
Morgan Silver Dollars are one of the most collected coins in the world!
Silver Dollar - Old Original Pre 1921 Morgan Dollar. Made of .900 fine silver. Average circulated condition


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Favorited by fans of casino games like poker and blackjack. If you've ever wanted to wear a ring that is unequivocally flashy, heavy, well balanced, and splashed with rich details, welcome to your new favorite. You will know you have it on at all times because THE BIG DEAL weighs almost a full ounce of incredibly durable federal silver. Fortified with copper, the strength and durability of this ring will allow you to comfortably and safely wear it in most of life's conditions. These coins are heavy and large, and for that reason we can only offer these in sizes from 10 - 17.
a gift from Karen...
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