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With the utili-key, you can open bottles, packages, letters, and most screws Polished stainless steel finish Multiple screwdrivers, including a flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, and micro-sized screwdriver Also includes a bottle opener, straight blade knife, and serrated blade knife Light weight and small size makes it a great gift


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Great little tool to have. Almost everything you really need in a day to day office worker setting.

The locking mechanism helps with quick deploying but is also the weakpoint on mine. After a year of use it gets loose and tends to detach itself.
Handy-dandy to have for an office drone like myself; where a sharp blade will mostly go towards opening packages from the post and opening wrappings. Still a very nice tool to have at my disposal.
By far, the easiest EDC item to carry. Having the most effective size-to-function ratio. Very easy ta take of you key-chain and reattached. Crazy sharp blade out of the pack. Philips screwdriver is great. When opened at an angle you can get great torque out of it.
I have given one to every family member and friend I have.
Bought in bulk means you don't need to worry about losing, misplacing, etc.
The only drawback is what gives it its EDC appeal and that is it can be kind of small to handle especially in big hand. Also blade gets in the way of your fingers when trying to manipulate finicky screws.
Nice little tool, useful for small stuff, like tightening screws and open boxes.
I use this all. the. time. Great little multi-tool. People are always surprised when I pop it off my key chain and fix what ever problem we are having.
Small, light, super useful
Screw driver + bottle opener + blade + saw
Great little tool! Comes in handy for everyday things, would highly recommend it.
Oldest part of my EDC. Tried and true.
Never leave home without it and has never let me down, understanding its limits.
I had this and got rid of it. It was very difficult to fully open without cutting yourself. Perhaps, the one I had was defective? Regardless, I do not recommend it. I will admit, it was a gateway product, that caused me to become interested in multi tools.
Great little tool. I had one break and the company sent me a replacement quickly.
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