Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Hunter (4062)

From Ka-Bar

Blade Detail: Plain

Blade Length (inches): 3

Blade Material: AUS 8

Carry System: Pocket Clip

Handle Material: Zytel

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Thin and light.
Sometimes you need to keep it simple....
Tied with orange mini-parcord in case dropped in river.
lightweight knife, AUS8 blade it's a razor. good enough for some light cutting chores. And for self-defense (if i have to)
This is the definition of high value! at 17$ or 30€ (we pay double due to import charges)
This is a dream of a pocket knife, being solid, sharp (AUS8A blade), light and safe. And it has some nice color options too! the clip is strong and secured very well. I value my knives more then my phone.
This is my EDC knife. It is cheap, light (for it's price really well made) has a very sharp blade and a nic color. I got th blue one with satin finish blade.
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