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HANDGREY H3 QUICK-RELEASE CARABINER KEYCHAIN Designed as the counterpart to the Bauhaus Series, the Handgrey series was conceived with the functionality, as the driving factor in the development of the final design. The Handgrey H3 is part of a newly developed patent-pending quick release system, that allows you to insert and remove keyring bundles easily, while keeping them all locked in the bottom portion of the keychain. Opening the gate will give you access to both the top portion and bottom portion of the clip at the same time. The Handgrey line incorporated a two-pieced design configuration, with hybrid custom gate (based on traditional wire gate design), for precision and control. It is both innovative and aesthetically unique. The entire piece, including the gate, is EDM wire cut, the first of its kind. This gives the H3 an unprecedented level of precision and fine finishing details throughout the piece. Dimensions Length: 66 mm Width: 27 mm Thickness: 5.5mm (body thickness) / 9.4mm (body + gate's width) Material: Ti6Al4V / Grade 5 Titanium
Form Carabiner
Material Titanium


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Perfect to carry a few keys.
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