intelliARMOR intelliGLASS iPhone 6

ULTRA CLEAR - Designed for maximum transparency and touch sensitivity. The way your HD display is intended to be viewed!
EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG - Crafted to have better scratch resistance than steel, so it can withstand hits and dings. Your iPhone 6 screen is completely protected with intelliGLASS.
SLIM FIT - Amazingly thin premium glass screen protection that is precisely formed to fit your device.
OLEOPHOBIC COATING - You can kiss annoying smudges and fingerprints goodbye. EASY INSTALLATION - Advanced silicone adhesion ensures easy installation without bubbling or permanent residue.
The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens have rounded edges that prevent intelliGLASS from covering 100% of the front of the phone, which was necessary in order to prevent the screen protector from peeling off. Because of this, we chose to design intelliGLASS to provide maximum coverage while maintaining longevity and durability.


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