Nite-Ize Keyrack

From Nite Ize
The S-Biner Micro Locks combine the innovation and versatility of the S-Biner to provide unique functionality, security and access to your keys
Features a center lever made of durable plastic-a simple twist effectively and securely locks the gates to keep your key securely locked
Features a durable stainless steel carabineer clip which allows you to clip the Key Rack to an existing key chain, purse, jacket, etc
Heavy duty construction of high quality Stainless Steel components - Keep your keys secure and easily accessible
Dimensions: 3.07" x 1.54" x .60" | 78.10mm x 39.10mm x 15.20mm; Product Weight: 1.31oz | 37g


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Good keychain. You get a million small S-biner with it, which is totally useless for me. I just use the main lock because it's sturdy and very flat.
Locking S-clips, how have I lived without you so long.
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