Zebra F-301

From Zebra Pen
Ballpoint pen with pocket clip Nonslip, textured grip for writing comfort Stainless steel barrel Contemporary, sleek, stainless steel barrel Non-slip grip ensures precision and stability Grip color corresponds to ink color


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Not my usual EDC pen. Five times cheaper than a space pen and nice-looking and slim. Perfect for an extra EDC kit or to save some money when putting together an EDC.
Every since Zebra pens been on the market always used them. Good writting tool.
Everyone knows how great, and affordable these pens are!
Love the way this writes with the 0.7mm cartridge. Fine enough for detail and very small printing, but not too sharp.
This is the deluxe ballpoint pen and pencil set which I got on a special offer with the case. Total essential.
Fine point love this pen
These are great pens that write smooth and are easy on the hand.
Best pen around.
I carry one of these pens everywhere. Off and on duty. My favorite pen to write with. Very durable.
I put this pens everywhere when i need it, it is there when i need it. Wonderful!
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