Uni-Ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil (1751934)

From Uni-ball
Twist and turn mechanism rotates lead as you write to keep lead sharp
Engineered to resist breakage
Contains Diamond Infused Lead for added strength
0.5mm point lead for more precise writing
Starter Set includes 1 KuruToga Mechanical Pencil, uni-ball Nano-Diamond replacement leads and 2 replacement erasers
The uni-ball KuruToga Twist and Turn 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil Starter Set (1751934) is the most advanced mechanical pencil ever.  The KuruToga (Japanese for Twist and Turn) has an exclusive and patented rotating mechanism that resists lead breakage.  As you write, the engine rotates the lead to maintain a sharp point and avoid flat spots on the lead.  The Starter Set includes uni-ball Diamond Infused Leads for added strength and smooth writing performance. It is available in 0.5 mm perfect for intricate tasks.


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Use it everyday heavily doing field sketches. Wish it had more of an eraser but the replacements were cheap enough.
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