Spyderco Dragonfly2

From Spyderco
Left/right, tip-up wire clip. David Boye Dent. 11mm Spyderco Round Hole. FRN Bi-Directional Texturing? handle. Spine, choil, and handle jimping. Leaf-shaped flat-ground blade. Skeletonized full liner.


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Great EDC knife that doesn't scare coworkers, is super lightweight at just over 1 oz and comes with me everywhere, mapping, bikepacking, hiking, and the beach.
sharp, easy to use takes up no space
In ZDP-189, FRN dyed black
My first Spyderco! I'm very impressed. Everything I'd heard about them is true. I've got my eye on a few larger models now, but I can see myself carrying this for many years to come.
I usually carry this tiny blade when I have my Juice S2/ Otherwise I have a few other go-to blades and usually end up carrying a MicroTech UTX85, SOG Aegis or a Benchmade folder
Anyone looking to buy this great knife, I recommend choosing the variant with ZDP-189 steel. ZDP-189 steel is one of the knife industry’s hottest, hardest and highest performing knife steels today. 3% of its structure is pure carbon which makes the steel harder and in turn furthers its edge retention capacity. For a small premium (about 20%) you can have this high-performance and exotic steel instead of the more commonly available VG-10.
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