Big Skinny Brown Multi-Pocket Bifold Wallet

From Big Skinny
full-size billfold area with billfold divider
4 extra-wide credit card pockets
1 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
2 oversized hidden storage pockets
dimensions: 4 1/2" wide x 3 3/8" tall (11.4 cm x 8.5 cm)
This slight variation on the extremely thin original sport Big Skinny wallet features a few extra card pockets. Designed for those that need a few extra unique card slots to see all those many frequently used cards yet still want a thin bi-fold wallet that's about the same size as the sport Big Skinny. Like all our wallets, every pocket in this wallet is extra-wide so you can still fill without overfilling. Plus, as always, all the pockets are lined with a rubber backing to prevent your valuables from sliding out even after you've dropped your slim bi-fold wallet yet again in the lunch line.... Holds 20-25 full-size plastic cards plus bills.


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The only item that lives in the same front pocket as my phone. Nylon, so it slides out easily unlike leather wallets which tend to cling to the phone.
This wallet is so worth the buy. It literally doesn't feel like its there. It doesn't bother you when you walk, run, sit down, or any other time. You can also have it on you when you are working out because it is totally machine washable.
It is a very useful and efficient product designed by a small American business and I would recommend it.
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