Victorinox Climber

From Victorinox
Compact multitool is ideal for rugged outdoorsy types, with essential implements that maximize usefulness while keeping bulk to a minimum
Large and small blades, corkscrew, and cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper
Reamer, key ring inox, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, and multi-purpose hook/parcel carrier
Measures one by 0.7 by 3.6 inches (W x H x D) with three-ounce weight and polished cellidor handle
Includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty


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The climber is my current edc and IMO best urban edc multi-tool all features are useful and does not have tools needed for rural areas (eg. Saw) and yes the supertinker has the Phillips instead of cork but I prefer cork as the small flathead on can opener can double as Phillips effectively. Size and weight also makes it far superior to medium sized leathermans such as the wave (performance wise leatherman wins but swiss performs nonetheless) also pliers are the only missing tool but IMO is not at all needed for my load out for edc.
All tools are useful(urban wise)
Compact for amount of tools
Lightweight compared to LM
No pliers
No serrated blade(not too important)
Scales often come loose
*** on a side note the only thing I use the victorinox toothpicks for is cleaning out the knife, I don't recommend using it as actual toothpick (never know where its been or who's touched it) and also tweezers work verywell.
Basic SAK-knife
standard victorinox climber with swiss bianco carbon fibre handle scales
custom stabilized wood scales (no tweezer and toothpick slot)
Custom motherboard scales.
I made an upgrade with black scales
Because there are lots of little jobs that need little multitools
I upgraded it with black scales, to harmonise the look with the wallet. In my eyes the most practical urban knife, due to its scissors
I upgraded it with black scales, to harmonise the look with the wallet. In my eyes the final keychain knife
My swiss army knice of choice. Upgrated after 15 years of carrying the victorinox spartan.
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