Olight S1 Baton

From Olight
Pocket-sized flashlight
Uses 1 X Cr123a or Rcr123a
Decorative blue ring, made from PVD, for additional scratch protection
IPX-8 dust and waterproof up to 2 meters


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Super bright, super compact, extremely versatile and still under $50.
Best darn EDC Flashlight out there!
Small and powerful little thing.
The best EDC light ever!
Titanium PVD version
Just got the S1R Baton, absolutely amazing EDC flashlight!
Very flexible flashlight - firefly mode is useful for not waking the kids when trying to sneak out to work early, the strobe mode is good for personal safety.
Clipped on the holster between the Glock and spare magazine
My Baton is in titanium. Great EDC light.
Best EDC light
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