EagleTac D-25C Clicky Ti NW

From EagleTac
Lumen Output:LED lumen: 422/275/31/1, ANSI FL-1 lumen: 295/195/22/0.5 Runtime:0.9hrs/1.6hrs/ 10hrs/150hrs Beam Distance:105m Battery Type:1*CR123A Reverse Clicky, 40g, IPX-8 Waterproof


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My favorite flashlight! I carry this in the left side lower pocket, close to my knee, in my utility pants. Clip holds in place very well. I have the nichia 219 LED which puts out a warm and natural light, and at 300 lumens does the job. I have some brighter lights as well, and they have their uses as well, but for color rendering there is a big difference. Lots of modes packed into a small package, and the firefly and low get some use as well.
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