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I just love the ALOX Cadet. I own the black version.
The Victorinox Cadet is a masterful blend of both class and functionality, serving equally well in a commercial environment tightening bolts and opening cans as it does in a more professional environment peeling apples or filing nails. If you are leaning towards the classy side, get the black version which looks great with a suit. If you are more into the functionality of the tool, get the silver finish as it will age much better than the black finish in terms of chipping. Regardless of color, owners of this edc item can rest assured that they are receiving one of the finest swiss multitools on the market today.
2017 Special Edition
Limited 2015 edition.
nail file partially ground as a leather punch, NYC subway token fob
Probably the most beautiful Swiss Army knife absolutely love mine, like the Alox. Never leave the house without mine and UK legal to carry.
I never leave home without this handy little tool. Aside from an airport or courthouse, there is virtually nowhere I can't take it. Even when my normal pocket knife or multi-tool are available, I find myself using this to clean my nails, open boxes, and sometimes even pop the cap off a tasty beverage.
Thin. Red. Less scary (to others) to whip out in certain scenarios than the Kershaw Cryo.
I only really use this for the bottle opener, but it's a great little tool to have on my person.
The 2017 limited edition with an olive paracord lanyard and copper bead.
This knife is my backup knife at work, but it still sees some use and really comes in handy.
DLT Company / Golden Boy engraved
2015 Special edition Victorinox Cadet in steel blue. A beautiful, and incredibly practical pocket knife!
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