CRKT Folts

Fixed bowie blade
5Cr15Mov stainless steel
Hand contoured green black Micarta scales and braided fob
Zytel sheath
Razor edge


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I bought this knife to carry horizontally on the back of my belt. It was a little sloppy and snaggy back there. I put the lanyard back on it and wear it around my neck, out of the way now and enjoy the knife a lot more. The bad thing is that it's so light and so much out of my way I forget that I have it on.... If you're tired of snagging your pocket knife clip on things(jacket, seatbelt, etc) and constantly worrying that your seatbelt shot it out of your car into the parking lot again this is the way to go.
I've been using it on my belt for about a week now, and I can see what you mean. However, I've started to get used to it. It's a great little knife though!
Great neck knife for the price.
Great neck knife - hardly notice the weight - quick grab utility blade.
I just picked one of these bad boys up 2 days ago. You could say I am in the Honey moon stage, but I'll give it 3 months before I review it.
With 1.5" heavy duty belt clip. The belt loop included in the box was not able to handle my thick Aker Concealed Carry belts.
I keep mine Hooke on an Altoid tin kit with ranger bands. Perfect back up.
I wear this on my belt.
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