Indiana Jones Zippo

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Indiana Jones Movie Prop Replica
Dual Sided image Finish
Lifetime Warranty
Highly Collectible
Exclusive Collectible Opportunity
Back by popular demand with New more durable double sided finish! You are Looking at an Brand New Replica of the Indiana Jones Elsa's "Lucky Charm" Clover Leaf Pattern Zippo lighter that comes in a gift box with original box. The lighter is a Brushed Finish Chrome Zippo with a painted enamel face, On Both Sides of the Lighter is a Four Leaf Clover on a Field of White. The Indy name is taken from Indiana Jones, starring Harrison Ford- who appeared with this Style Lighter in One of His Famous Adventures-"The Last Crusade"! This was Indy's "Lucky Charm" lighter given to him by Elsa Schnieder! Zippo saved him and his Father Sean Connery as they used the lighter to burn the ropes they were bound in! This is a perfect gift for the Dr. Jones enthusiast. Item is also a innovative gift idea for the Irish and Celtic collector! This is an Authentic Zippo product that comes with instructions red quality assurance sticker on the back as all Zippos do. Zippo is bottom stamped for current year.


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