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Immediately Accessible - clip attachment for practical protection while on-the-go with Advanced 3-In-1 Formulation - Pepper Spray, CS Military Tear Gas & UV Marking Dye

#1 Brand Used by Police worldwide: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles County Sheriff's & US Marshals. Made in USA, ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Up to 5x's More Spray - 25 bursts - protection against multiple threats and ability to give a quick burst test spray biannually to ensure performance and protection at a safe distance (10 foot range). Produces powerful ballistic stream with reduced blowback

Great Value - 4 year shelf life (from the date of manufacture) - Double the industry average!

Maximize your safety - Access to FREE How to use video. This item is not for sale in some states

Don't want to carry with your keys? Our pocket unit with a clip is perfect for you. This compact pepper spray delivers a strong ballistic stream to reduce wind blow back. Offering extremely practical protection, SABRE provides distance from your threat with its ten (10) foot range. SABRE Pepper Spray Pocket Unit with Clip contains CS Tear Gas, Red Pepper and UV Dye. This Item cannot be shipped to Washington DC, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, or Wisconsin. Expiration Date: 4 years from date of manufacture.


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IWB appendix carry with clip
Have a nice cartridge of it in my Ruger pistol, accidentaly miss-sprayed myself with it. From the tiny bit I was exposed you I can definately assure you it is very efficient!
The protective plastic shell helps protect the can of pepper spray from the abuse it takes riding along with me.
Some hot shit.
Some hot shit.
Hot Shit.
Compact Size Pepper Spray
Second tube of Skinth
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