Kaweco AL Sport Black Fountain Pen KWAF-BK-M

From Kaweco

AL Sport Black Medium Point Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen Medium Point

The AL Sport series can be called a real survivor. Traditional design was consequently combined with modern materials and surfaces. The Kaweco AL Sport is being produced of solid ALU using CNC machines. Each item is finally being polished and refined with a matte surface. Despite of ALU it has a solid weight and sympathetic surface feeling. 3 writing systems in fountain ballpoint and pencil. Fountain pen: Steel nib and iridium tip for ink cartridges Closed version has a length of only 10.5 cm and open version 13.5 cm High-valued and solid ALU parts from CNC production hand-polished


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Small, but has a great weight and feels good in the hand. Writes like a dream.
Great EDC! A carbon fiber aluminum wallet is so great!
In diy leather organizer
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