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THE PERFECT XMAS GIFT - Who wouldn't appreciate an expensive-looking luxury leather gift, with a cool brand designer logo engraved on the front, which protects their credit cards from digital theft? Buy one for each of your kids / teens (boys or girls), your partner (it's good for both men and ladies), or maybe your groomsmen if you're getting married. This minimalist wallet comes in black or tan brown and looks really chic in its smart black gift box.
BEST AND SLIMMEST RFID SHIELD WALLET ON THE MARKET - So thin it fits easily in your back or front pocket, and it's practically invisible, which makes it ideal for travel or sport, or when going out for the night. Alternatively, it will take up almost no space in your backpack or purse (as it's small enough for a woman to use too). And it's far less bulky than traditional bifold, trifold, accordion, or vertical wallets.
OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART RFID BLOCKING SECURITY FEATURE OFFERS PROTECTION FROM TECHNO-PICKPOCKETS - Tested for 13.56 MHz, which is the frequency at which chip credit cards operate, you no longer need to worry about your card being accessed without your knowledge because it will block RFID signals with its new high-tech fabric - like a mini Faraday cage. It's also less fiddly than using RFID blocker sleeves.
THIS SUPER SMALL MINI WALLET ORGANIZER HAS A SURPRISINGLY LARGE CAPACITY - Unique design features 2 front horizontal slots for paper money, another horizontal slot at the back for your ID, license or business cards and a further 2 vertical slots for credit cards, ensures the wallet is as slim as possible, plus a central pocket for storing coins, receipts, or even a key or two. It's no much larger than a billfold - measuring 3.15" x 4.13" x 0.20" and weighs a mere 0.7 oz, but just as flat and far more practical, as there is no bulky snap or zipper in sight.
DURABLE BUT FLEXIBLE - Our unique hipster handmade wallet is created from 100% genuine high-quality cow's leather, far more professional looking than bi-cast PU leather, canvas, nylon, plastic, or Velcro wallets. It is also more durable than paper or cloth wallets, but unlike hard ones that are manufactured from materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, it's flexible - another reason this ultra skinny wallet will remain hidden in even your breast pocket. This handcrafted leather design looks better with age - your pocket buddy money holder that should last a lifetime!
ProudGuy's RFID Blocking Wallet For Men (And Women) Is The Slimmest On The Market This slim wallet is only 0.2" thick, and yet the RFID blocking fabric it's made from will protect your chip-enabled cards from digital theft. Tested at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, which is the one used by such cards, it will prevent them from being scanned by crooks. By the way, this wallet is also small, at 3.15" x 4.13", and light, weighing only 0.7 oz. Discreet Enough To Remain Invisible, With The Space To Hold More Than You'd Imagine Our wallet has slots for at least two cards (e.g. credit, debit, and identity), money, business cards, as well as a central pouch for coins, keys, receipts. This makes it not only safer, as it's hard for others to see, but also great for when you go out clubbing, cycling, playing sports, or, of course, traveling. Hand-Made From High-Quality Cow's Leather Leather is both durable and flexible, which means it will not only fit easily in your pockets (or purse or backpack), but it will also be comfortable, unlike those hard wallets made from metal. Looking For The Perfect Gift? Apart from treating yourself, have you considered how many of your friends and family could benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing their cards are safe from techno-pickpockets? Got children going away to college? (The design is unisex, so this would be great for both males and females.) Looking for the ideal gift for your groomsmen at your wedding? Our unique wallet, which comes in a stylish black box, will be a gift they'll not only treasure, but find useful too. We Know You'll Be Delighted With Our ProudGuy RFID Wallet... get yours today and remove one more worry from your life.


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