KLARUS XT20 Tactical Torch

The new Klarus XT20 is stealthy and powerful. Its slender form and magnificent power (1200 lumens) makes it ideal as a night patrol flashlight and searchlight.
The super bright XT20 has two heads, which produce a wider, more intense beam than single head flashlights. Each head contains a high power CREE XM-L U2 LED with smooth reflector, which allows the XT20 to pierce the darkness with 1200 lumens of light from just 2x 18650 batteries. This makes it the brightest 2x 18650 flashlight in the world, when compared with other flashlights of its size.
The new Klarus XT20 uses the innovative XT series dual-button tail switch, which provides extremely fast access to the strobe mode. The unique XT tail switch also allows you to fully operate the light with just your thumb. So you don't need to fiddle with buttons in two different places.
With so much powerful light, an intense strobe effect and slender design, the XT20 is an ideal choice for searching (Police and Search & Rescue), CQB, exploration and as an automobile standby flashlight. It can also be weapon mounted and used with the Klarus ED10 pressure switch for remote control.
Accessories : Heavy duty holster removable metal tactical ring two spare O-rings spare rubber boot


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I will say this is a great light! Probably one of the funkiest looking lights, but it has a really hefty feel to it. It was one of first lights that I could find that wasn't too fat but was at the 2000 lumen mark. There are more 2000 lumen lights on the market now that are smaller.

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