Adonit Jot Flip Fine Point Stylus and Pen

From Adonit
Fine Point Stylus: The fine tip gives you accuracy that rubber nibs can't. The precision disc lets you see exactly where your mark is being made. Jot is the most precise stylus on the market
Precision Pen: A twist of the barrel reveals a fine-tipped pen on the other side of the disc
Ink Reload: We wouldn't leave you high and dry - Jot Flip's ink cartridges are refillable
Mobile Clip: Ready to go when you are
Compatible with all capacitive touch screens


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A great idea, but somehow not that great in actual use. The Apple Pencil is sooooo much better, faster and more accurate. Any standard rubber stylus is almost as good as the Jot Flip, so adequate and more cost effective.

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