Fenix E12

From Fenix
Max 130 lumen output from a single AA battery (included)
50 lumen medium (6 hr 30 min) and 8 lumen low (40 hours ) provides additional flexibility
Compact 4" aircraft grade aluminum body weighs less than 2 ounces
IPX-8 Waterproof, 2 meters for 30 minutes
Supported by limited lifetime guarantee from Fenix Lighting, US


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I carry this in my pocket everyday. Very durable, light and bright.
I LOVE this flashlight. It’s super simple, super durable and very very minimalistic. It gets the job done while just being so simple. The UI is smooth and great, awesome little flashlight!
I absolutely adore this flashlight. It’s super compact and has an absolute beautiful design. It fits my theme perfectly and has a great power output. Additionally, it takes double AA batteries so do something happened they would be easily accessible. Whereas CR123a’s you find in a lot of flashlights are expensive and hard to find in stores. However, if one plans to us this flashlight for self defense I recommend a different one. It’s not meant for self defense (doesn’t have an attack head) but is still an awesome flashlight.
I needed a AA single battery flashlight as my 72 hour kit electronics are all powered by AA. I use this flashlight regularly and have had it over a year and have yet to replace the battery. Its been trown, stepped on and dropped in water. Yet it continues to work flawlessly.
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