Leather Notebook Cover/Wallet

From 7Felicity

Designed in a Pocket Size:13.5cm * 10cm * 2 cm(5.3inch * 4inch * 0.79inch).It is very convenient to carry with when you are on travel or vacations.Great for creative writing,essay writing,diary, agenda,daily plan,ideas on your life's journey,poem etc.

Refillable:Three kinds of inserts are included in the notebook(Lined paper,Blank paper, kraft paper) to meet your daily usage.Also a forth insert of paper will come with the package as standby.You will get FOUR inserts in all.

Pages:180 pages,90 sheets.Include lined paper(60 pages),blank paper(60pages) and kraft paper(60 pages).These Acid-free papers take pen or pencil beautifully.

Unique and Personized:100% handcrafted and made of 100% Genuine Leather.We add an exquisite brass compass pendant as a place-keeper and a brass pen holder for this vintage notebook.You have to try this classic journal if you pursue rustic and retro feel.

Include 2 card slots and a zipper pouch :Carry around your ID,credit and debit cards,and cash without having to take your wallet with you.Make life easier.The buckle closure of this notebook make it secure.


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