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Easy to use Softly press the FREEKey logo and it easily opens to allow keys to be inserted or removed Includes 3 mini rings Use with 6 or more keys Saves your finger nails from annoying pain The FreeKey System is simple, yet innovative. Simply press the FreeKey logo and it easily opens to allow key to be inserted or removed. It includes 3 mini rings that are perfect for multi-key use. You can use up to 6 or more keys and it saves your finger nails from damage or pain.


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These are absolutely brilliant. They make lending keys to people, adjusting key chain for security reasons and anything you can think of key chain related, SO much easier.
Amazing little product i been beating the ahit out of those in my pocket everyday and they didn't disapoint or fail on me in 2 years
best thing ive ever bought! ill never get my fingers pinched in it!
I will never by another brand. Love this design.
Perfect key chain, will be buying more for the family
I use this to keep all my small tools together when not in use.
does exactly as advertised
So easy to use, even a caveman (or social worker) can use it.
This makes removing my keys and other things super easy.
With a laser pointer/LED light, key to my 2002 Ford F-150 4x4, and a carabiner
I think they look a bit cheap, but does what it's supposed to.
Easy to use and organize
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