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A unique 'S' design allows you to hold all your keys in one convenient place; KeySmart Extended base model holds up to 4 keys; Expansion packs, which can expand capacity to 5-100 keys, are sold separately; The KeySmart Extended offers an extended frame for storing longer and foreign keys The compact size is smaller than a pack of gum; KeySmart is universal, and fits almost any key found at your local hardware store Handmade in Chicago; Made from Aircraft Aluminum and stainless steel hardware A USB drive (not included) takes up two slots; the attached loop takes up one slot Features a laser-engraved logo and an attached polished loop that can hold your car keys; A USB drive (not included) takes up two slots; the attached loop takes up one slot


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Love the KeySmart! When I saw this product debut I knew I had to have one. Originally orange, I stripped the anodizing off of mine to reveal the beautiful raw aluminum underneath. I much prefer the sleek, clean, & minimalist design of the KeySmart over just about every other competing product.
Screws loosen quite a bit but it is worth 20 bucks. Will probably make the move to a KeyBar in the future.
I love not having anymore rattling keys, although I still do have a few flash drives and a YubiKey on my carabiner, I still rattle a bit. I feel like after adding 6-8 keys this wouldn't be practical to carry on a clip as I do, but I only have 4, so I'll take it!
I won't go back to carrying keys any other way.
This is an excellent key organizer! I absolutely love it!
An average product at best, and terrible, terrible customer service. While assembling my first Keysmart, one of the small screw threads that connect the two plates together broke with an audible crack. Search the reviews on Amazon to see how often this is happening.
The extension screws that allow more keys to fit were left out of my delivery, and dealing with customer service to try and get them sent out was so difficult that I ended up just buying them.
To see what kind of customer service they have, again - go to Amazon and read the reviews.
Lastly, once your keys are all on the Keysmart, it is neater - but it's more difficult to find the key you want and pull it out. It takes more time to do that than it does to look at a regular ring of keys and pick what you're after.
very unimpressed, hardware is a bit delicate. I suggest the Key-Bar.
This solved a problem I didn't know existed until I saw the solution. I never really liked carrying keys, but out of necessity, I need to carry 6. The Keysmart keeps everything tight and organized, with less bulk to carry. A big improvement on EDC. It's well made, good value product.
Personal Keys
KeySmart to organize the jumble of keys and my truck key...
Added griffin tool, USB and Klecker blade
W/ thin optics
Compact and readable light
keeping everything neat and tidy
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