Nite Ize S-Biner (3 pk)

From Nite Ize

High quality stainless steel construction

Available in 6 sizes / 3 finishes

Secure stainless steel wire gate closure

Size #.5 dimensions: 1.31" x .5" weight rating: 3 lb.

Size #1 dimensions: 1.56" x .56" weight rating: 5 lb.


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S-Biners are great! The color cones off super fast. Because of that all of my newer ones are the raw stainless.
I like these for add on keys to my main key chain is for work or car keys so I can carry minimal when not working or driving.
S-Biner for my work keys. Nice but need to upgrade to the locking model as these tend to open in my pocket.
Very unreliable and guaranteed to lose something a lot more valuable than these products cost. I was more disappointed because every other Nite Ize product I own is freliable and sturdy. These just do not hold things securely.
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