Aukey Power Bank 8000mAh

From Aukey

Elegant exterior, ultra-slim shape (0.35 inch thickness), simple fresh style design, plus the eco-friendly material, it is not simply an external battery, but stands for and leads to an easy and GREEN lifestyle. Go Green with Am deal!

8,000 mAh of capacity, 5V 2.1A (max) output, the am deal A1 is able to charge the iPhone at least four+ times, iPad one times and large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S4 two+ times.

With the soy ink coat on the front cover and the art of White Space, now you can personalize your power bank in YOUR OWN way and let it speak your words.

Four blue LED lights to display the remaining power, one press to check out, you will never miss recharging the battery.

Comes with a fancy customized fiber pouch that would definitely let you fondle admiringly, quickly distinguishes your gadget from others. Extraordinary gadget, extraordinary life!

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My aukey power bank battery is leaking , I had it plugged into my phone and it was sizzling.. Not even 2 weeks old. Defective. I would lime a new one
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